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Get Connected!

  • Connect with your contacts from the Lions World
  • Meet new people
  • Share information and photos of your activities
  • Organize your club life directly and easily
LionsFriends is a closed social network which is exclusive for all members of the Lions Clubs and Leo Clubs. Access is granted by invitation only or with an invitation code.
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What is

We live in a connected digital world and yet we hardly know Lions or Leos outside our own clubs. When organizing transnational activities, such as the Lions Charity Run ( ), it could be recognized that there is something missing in the Lions World: This is the possibility to communicate in a fast, direct and uncomplicated way with Lions and Leos all over the world.

Therefore, the social network creates a platform which is specifically tailored to our needs. In addition to all of the known basic functions of Facebook, Google+ or XING, such as building friendships, forming interest groups and the exchange of messages, offers special functions for our club life, for the realization and announcements of our activities and much more. [Details]

Public Beta!

Dear Leo- & LionsFriends,

This project is still under construction, so not all of the planned functionality is yet implemented. We are constantly working on the system and will inform you regularly about the updates. [See the roadmap]

We have decided to release already in this early stage of development, so that everyone of you can participate as early as possible in the creation of your network.

Therefore we welcome any wishes and improvement suggestions, just write us!

For now, have fun with your new social network!

Your LionsFriends-TechTeam